Dolly was born in Kutch and lives in Ahmedabad, India. She constantly seeks inspiration from her surroundings and likes to explore the culture, tradition, nature, people, places, and almost everything around her. Her medium ranges from paintings, murals, drawings, and digital. She often uses visual language of women figures and shapes to create a composition which is a form of self expression of her own life and others. She often brings light on many social issues, stereotype norms which makes an impact on our life. Her experiences with the world in her childhood directed her towards the art where she wanted to break all boundaries and create a better world to live for everybody.

Dolly has received her bachelor’s degree in Interior Designing from Ahmedabad. She practises as an independent Interior Designer and works on various residential projects. In her childhood her Drawings have been an expression of her life but during her graduation she realised these illustrations gave her a sense of freedom to her thoughts and there are limitless possibilities to show it to the world. Eventually, her work expanded from postcard size paper to big size canvas paintings. She has participated in a few exhibitions. She has also donated her work on international women’s day. Her initiative #ArtForCharity campaign in May-2020 helped her to raise the funds by selling her art online, she had donated all the raised funds to an NGO to help the daily wagers during COVID-19 pandemic.

Artist Statement

I paint what I see and feel, reality of my life and others. My Art indicates a world which is often not said out loud, sometimes it’s an imaginary world or the exact real life incident or a moment. I aim to challenge reality with the replacement of our dreams, desire and a better world. I observe, talk and connect with my surroundings for inspiration.

Through my artwork, I bring focus into women’s physical attributes or the red “Bindi” which is the representation of the “Shakti” – universal energy. I create a concept around real life incidents and build a story based on a real presence of the characters. The story has two sides, the reality and imagination. I strongly believe that what we have at present is reality but with Imagination we can visualise a better future. “Your thoughts become things” and I want my artwork to become the thoughts for the world

Initially my colour palette was limited to black, grey, white, and red but gradually I became attracted towards vivid colours. The world is full of endless ways to create artwork so the visual appeal of my artwork varies from women figure, bold shapes-lines, geometric design, natural elements, words, patterns and detailed artwork which has an undaunted intention of everything better.